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Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Love

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

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Author Confession #1

Ok….if we’re all being completely honest with ourselves, we have more than a few confessions as writers. This is my confession #1 (yes, I know I’m Methodist, but still)….here it goes…COMPARISONS.

I have a HUGE, GINORMOUS, T-Rex sized problem with comparing myself to others. Yes, I am aware that I should practice what I preach. I’m always telling others how special they are. My nephews and nieces especially.

I’m the first to compliment other authors as well. BUT, I compare my journey as a writer to others’ successes. And in turn, this minimizes any victory that I achieve. My road as an author has been bumpy, while some appear to have it financially made. My hometown doesn’t support me, yet others get the front page of their newspaper.

This comparison issue stems from family members that belittle. Words do matter! I’ll save that for the next post though. Anyways, I have been working hard to respect others while not getting discouraged. It’s a daily hustle.

It’s important that no matter what road you’re on, you stay focused on the end goals. Nothing worth having is easy. In fact, it will be an obstacle course. Pack a parachute just in case.

Stay tuned for Author Confession #2….

It Was A Cold Night…

It’s a cold one tonight here in Kentucky. I’m curled up in my fuzziest blanket, pecking away at the ol’ cell phone. I assume so many writers are doing the same.

Writing can be a very lonely profession, especially if you’re single (can I get an Amen?) And it requires ninja-like patience (wax on, wax off), because, let’s face it, it doesn’t always provide instant gratification.

This is why it’s important to be vocal. Join as many writing groups as you can online. I’ve connected with some wonderful writers via Instagram (@poeticlife33) and Twitter (@Poetic3416). I’m also active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Who better understands writers than writers themselves?

From One Writer To Another

Writing can be a very lonely profession. Especially if you’re single or don’t really get the support you need. I live in a small town with no real poetry scene. To be frank, we don’t even have a Wal-mart. However, we do have a string of banks and dollar stores. I live in the country on the outside of town. Thankfully I’m not in total seclusion, that would be terrible for a social butterfly like me.

Anyways, try as I may, most people here don’t know I write. Some have bought my poetry books, “Diary of A Poet” and “Depths of The Soul” and for that I’m grateful. But, the local newspaper won’t even put me in it.

It does get me down sometimes. Who doesn’t want their own hometown to notice successes?

That’s why I decided to put together this list of tips for new writers out there in similar situations:

  1. The internet is your friend. Utilize social media to the max! Get an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. Share..Share…Share! Post excerpts from your book and where it can be purchased.
  3. Add a funny anecdote or a story about how your book came to be. Make it personal.
  4. Join book clubs in your area or online (goodreads, Facebook book groups, etc.)
  5. Download apps for book lovers/writers. Litsy, Mirakee, goodreads, those are just a few free apps.
  6. Make your own business cards. You can use a free app, Canva. They have templates or you can design your own. For a small fee, you can upgrade and get all the templates.
  7. Word of mouth!!! Spread the word whenever possible. Tell people to share with friends.
  8. Offer incentives for sharing or buying your book. People love free stuff. An example is a free handwritten poem for readers.
  9. Giveaways!!! Who doesn’t like winning? Issue a writing challenge or just put everyone who shares a post’s name into a bag. The winner gets your book
  10. Never forget why you began writing to begin with. Stay humble and true to yourself.

I hope this article helps all my fellow wordsmiths out there, keep dreaming and keep writing.